Continuous professional training programs adapted  to the necessities of each of our divisions.


We would like to point out the training program within the concept of “Behaviour Based Safety”. BBS.

The main objective of this training based on behaviour observation is:
   Strengthening safety culture within the company.
   Reduce accidents and incidents.
   Reduce emissions as a result of optimizing the fuel cosumption
   Reduce costs related to unsafe situations.

Labour risk prevention training:

Training aimed to the knowledge of the risks related to each activity as well as other subjects such as use of PPE, handling of products, fatigue / tiredness, etc ..

Safety training:

Protection during transport, communication of incidents and Near Misses, emergencies and associated actions.

Specific training on Transportation:

    Interior tank cleaning
   Transport ADR (regulatory updates)
   Food safety training (GMP)
   Specific training on transported products

Training CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility):

Aimed at encouraging staff on ethical and responsible behavior