Information Technology 

The Lastest Technology at your service

Flexible and powerfull IT infraestructure in conjunction with our SAP ERP solution and TMS (Transport Management System) developed by Pañalon let us manage all the necessary information to ensure your goods are in the right hands. Orders’ status, trucks visibility, goods information and the best tools ensure that all the logistic processes are in control.

Nearly 80% of our customer’s orders are received electronically. This means that we can efficiently import them into our system. And the same way we can send back the appropiate status of each step. We support Edifact, ChemXML, portals (Elemica, Transwide,Transporeon, Kewill) and other protocols.

All our fleet are fully equiped with Transics  on-board computers. By using GPS/GPRS technology fully integrated in our system we know at every time the exact location of our resources. Orders, positions, alerts and messages are transmited in real time between our dispach people and our trucks. This system allows us total control of the process with a complete traceability.

At the moment , we are involved in an innovative migration project to de SAP TMS Transport Management solution that will place us ahead in transport management systems.