Pañalón is extremely aware of all the aspects related to safety; therefore we put special determination in:

   Complying with the regulation of internal safety, as well as that established by our clients.

   Individual protective equipment for our drivers.

   Active Safety equipment in our fleet: electronic stability systems, lane departure warning, collision avoidance systems etc.

Near Miss:

As our maximum premise is anticipation, we have developed a special program for the detection and communication of insecure situations within the whole transport operation.

  Emergency Response Team.

We are always working on damage prevention with all our effort and knowledge, but sometimes this is not enough and we have to attend damaged and accident vehicles. For these occasions we have two vans fully equipped with the necessary means. Each “rescue group” consists of three people, professionally prepared in order to resolve any possible situation. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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