Pañalón incorporates 4 LNG vehicles to its fleet



Last April Pañalón added 4 Iveco Stralis NP400 with gas engines to its fleet. These first units will be used to test the viability of this fuel at the national scope. As the gas supply network expands, following our commitment to protect the environment, we will renew our fleet and change to gas as fuel. We plan that in the next fleet expansions between 5% and 10% of new trucks will use natural gas.

The new Stralis NP is the first gas vehicle designed for long-distance transport. It is equipped with a 400 hp engine, has the same payload as an equivalent diesel truck and a range of up to 1,500 km. Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel for internal combustion engines, which has great environmental benefits:

– Virtually eliminates atmospheric pollutants.

– Mitigates global warming by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.