Pañalón acquires Zozaya Cisternas



Pañalon S.A., through its subsidiary Transportes Santos S.A.U., has formalized the purchase of 100% of the shares of Zozaya Cisternas S.L. from its shareholders, Vos Logistics International BV and the Zozaya family. Zozaya Cisternas S.L. is a chemical transport company, founded in 1941, with a turnover of € 9.5M, a fleet of 80 tank trucks and 75 employees. It maintains long-term contracts with the main Spanish and international chemical manufacturers and it’s a relevant operator of the sector in the national scope. The objective of this operation is to expand and improve the package of services we offer to the chemical industry, with the maximum commitment for safety, quality and respect for the environment, always looking for the synergies that we can obtain with this integration for the best cost efficiencies and profitability. It is a clear and determined commitment to the road transport sector, the chemical industry, stable employment and the national economy. Zozaya Cisternas will continue to operate as such, maintaining all its commitments and contractual agreements, reinforced and strengthened by being part of a larger group within the chemical transportation, maintaining its vocation of personalized service to our customers. In the medium term we can’t discard the possibility to think about a possible integration of both companies, Santos and Zozaya, if the moment and circumstances advise it since, at first glance, it seems to make a lot of sense. D. Juan, D. Alberto and D. Carlos Zozaya will continue to carry out the responsibilities they currently have, thus ensuring the continuity of the business as until now and facilitating an orderly and fruitful integration for all.

Marcos Montero Ruiz

Villarrobledo, June 21st, 2017