Bulk Powder and Granulated Products

 Fleet 120 vehicles.
 15% of turnover

Pañalón is specialized in the transport of chemical granulated goods, mainly plastic products as polyethylene or polypropylene that are the raw materials in the manufacturing of multiple daily use products.

We have a modern fleet as a result of a policy of permanent renewal and the incorporation to our equipment of the latest technologies and the newest systems to protect people and environment.

Our vehicles:

  • Aluminium alloys of the best quality .
  • Large capacity tanks up to 63 cubic meters.
  • Hydraulic tilting equipment with anti collapse safety systems.
  • Autonomous unloading compressors and filters with great air flow (1.100 cubic meters) that provide fast unloading of the tank with minimal noise.
  • Coolers that allow the unloading of plastic products maintaining their original characteristics intact.
  • Sterile filters to avoid risks of pollution of the goods.
  • Fluidisation cone to avoid compactation of powder products during unloading.
  • Dedicated tanks for certain products with specific characteristics.